California Liquor License Auctioneers 

                                                                                         Who We Are

If you need to  Purchase or Sell a Liquor License in California, Visit: Liquor License Auctioneers The "first and only" Liquor License Auction website in the country.

Liquor License is led by industry expert, Russell Bloom, and are considered the premier liquor license consultants in California.  As a former Investigator for the State of California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Russell has more than 15 years of experience in dealing with California liquor license laws, rules and regulations that confront licensees when buying and selling a liquor license.  In fact, as a trainer of new investigators for the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in California, he not only knows the law—he taught it. 

Liquor License was started after years of observing how the entire buying, selling and processing of liquor licenses worked from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control's side, as well as the restaurant, convenience store, grocery store and club owners’ perspective People just weren't getting the proper service and assistance they needed through the state.  Even worse, most people were afraid to ask the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control questions for fear of retribution.  ABC Liquor License Specialists was formed to solve these service problems.

What We Do

We are completely focused on helping the owners of restaurants, grocery stores, wine shops, convenience stores, clubs, pubs, bars and wholesalers with all aspects of alcohol licensing in California.  From buying and selling a liquor license permit to expert investigation and courtroom testimony when there’s a liquor license related  problem.  Liquor License offers a complete menu of services that are customized to each unique liquor license related situation. We exist to keep your California liquor license and business safe and profitable within the complex laws and rules of the State of California.

We Solve Problems

As a California liquor license related business owner you know the many roadblocks and potential challenges facing your alcohol establishment.  Some of these issues are small administrative ABC challenges that can be easily avoided after speaking with an Liquor License Specialists consultant, others such as sales to a minor or police decoy can lead to Administrative Accusation hearings and are more serious and can jeopardize the future of your ABC liquor license and business.  We provide expert ABC liquor license consulting, and guidance to deal with all of these ABC liquor license related issues.

We Help Grow Busiensses

Even though we are the premier liquor license consultants and liquor license finders in California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Michigan and Ohio when it comes to buying and selling liquor licenses and dealing with liquor license related issues and laws.  We also understand the importance of competition and growing your liquor business.  Whether you want to sell a liquor license, buy a liquor license, change the terms of your existing liquor license or expand a liquor related business, it all starts with a feasibility study report. While some liquor license consultants or liquor license brokers charge for this initial service- Liquor License will do it for FREE!  Once the analysis is done, we’ll locate and help you make the best decision for your liquor license purchase, we'll also complete your ABC Liquor License application and if needed, your “Conditional Use Permit” zoning application.  We’ll do it right and as quickly as possible so you can keep your business moving and serving your customers!

We Buy and Sell Liquor Licenses

To continue to be the premier liquor license consultants and liquor license finders in California, Liquor License in addition to having a very robust inventory of beer, wine and full liquor licenses, also has an extensive California liquor license database designed to search and secure almost any California liquor license type in the State-even in moratorium locations.

Our Commitment to You 

As a liquor license service business, the only way we succeed is to have 100% satisfied clients.  We maintain a small but expert liquor license consulting staff in order to keep our client costs very reasonable but also maintain our top quality reputation for providing expert liquor license consulting advice and service second to none Whether we’re purchasing a liquor license or selling a liquor license, completing the ABC liquor license application or representing a liquor licensee at an ABC court accusation hearing, our top priority is your satisfaction and success.